About Our Company

Thomas A. Seaman, CFA, is a seasoned financial professional serving as Court-appointed Receiver in civil matters which require a neutral third party to serve as receiver, referee, provisional director, or administrator. Since he began in the insolvency industry in 1989 he has worked on 400 matters, including 230 matters where has served as a Court-appointed fiduciary, most typically as a Receiver. Mr. Seaman has assembled a team of financial and business operations professionals to assist him in the execution of his duties on behalf of the Court and the parties to the underlying litigation.

Thomas Seaman Company has broad financial and business experience and has operated companies in numerous industries including manufacturing, hospitality, senior living, healthcare, professional services, retail and others. We have also acted as the seller of numerous real estate and operating companies that have been ordered to be monetized. We have successful track record maximizing the value of tangible and intangible assets.

We have successfully prosecuted numerous actions on behalf of receivership entities for recovery of fraudulent conveyances, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, and damages arising from aiding and abetting breaches of fiduciary duty, legal malpractice, unjust enrichment and other damages. We creatively approach problems and work hard to recover funds for the benefit of the receivership estate and its beneficiaries and have been successful recovering funds from taxing authorities for the benefit of the receivership estate.

Defendants benefit from our turnaround expertise and crisis management skills and many have regained possession of their assets as a result of our work. Where possible and well advised we retain existing management and work with them to solve the problems that affect the entity.

We believe that our expertise in operating in a judicial environment can make counsel's job easier. We prepare and file the receiver’s bond and oath required by the Appointing Order in accordance with the appropriate statutes. Our reports are prepared in accordance with the Court’s requirements. We believe that our responsiveness to the parties and our successful performance assist counsel in the representation of their clients. At the appropriate time if selected to serve, we prepare a declaration setting forth our qualifications and certain other representations required of receivers by local rules for use in the moving papers. We are also available to assist with preparation of the Order Appointing Receiver in circumstances requiring an order tailored to the unique requirements of the assignment.