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Thomas Seaman Company provides business management in civil matters which require a neutral third party to serve as receiver, referee, provisional director, or administrator. We have the capability to manage and administer a broad range of asset classes including operating companies, financial assets, and real property.

We contribute practical business experience to litigation. Thomas Seaman Company has broad financial and business experience and has operated companies in numerous industries including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, service and others. Since 1995 we have managed approximately 175 receiverships, usually being nominated by large financial institutions who repeatedly move the Court to appoint Thomas Seaman as receiver. Please see Thomas Seaman's curriculum vitae. You may also wish to review our recent and noteworthy assignments and their outcome in the Cases sections of the website.

We believe that the function of a receiver is specialized and requires someone with business experience who also understands being a fiduciary, and is adept at operating in a judicial environment. Our business management skills give lenders a head start on stabilizing and, if appropriate, improving its collateral long before taking title. Defendants also benefit from our turnaround expertise and crisis management skills and many have regained possession of their assets as a result of our work.

We believe that our expertise in operating in a judicial environment can make counsel's job easier. We prepare and file the receiver’s bond and oath required by the Appointing Order in accordance with the appropriate statutes.   Our reports are prepared in accordance with the Court’s requirements. We believe that our responsiveness to the parties and our successful performance assist counsel in the representation of their clients. At the appropriate time if selected to serve, we prepare a declaration setting forth our qualifications and certain other representations required of receivers by local rules for use in the moving papers. We are also available to assist with preparation of the Order Appointing Receiver in circumstances requiring an order tailored to the unique requirements of the assignment.