Operating Companies

In re Onebada BBQ, In re Colima BBQ, Inc. and In re RH BBQ, Inc.

Managed three restaurants for Chapter 11 Trustee. Brought operations into compliance with labor and employment tax laws. Ensured fiscal integrity and stabilized operations leading to sale of the restaurant by the Trustee. One of the restaurants sustained a fire and we administered the insurance claims resulting in a significant mitigation of the loss.

In re Murrietta, El Toro Bravo Restauarant

Retained by a Chapter 11 Trustee to manage operations and maintain financial control over a carry-out Mexican restaurant in Costa Mesa, California. Significant health and safety violations. Store was closed by health department 4 days after we were retained, and was re-opened five days later after partially correcting deficiencies. OSHA violations are in the process of being corrected and we are operating the restaurant profitably.

B&I Equipment Rental

Serve as interim CEO and CFO for a company that rents construction equipment with union operators. We were retained by the Trustee in a conservatorship. We have restored the company to profitability and operate it pending resolution of litigation.

In re Wong, In re Zupeks, Inc.

Serve as President of a high end neighborhood grocery store in Costa Mesa. Significantly improved sales and earnings. Significantly increase sales and profits allowing the Trustee to pay all Chapter 11 plan of reorganization and Chapter 7 claimants in full vastly ahead of schedule.

Marriage of Wilder

Oversight and management of a Santa Monica jewelry store.

First Bank vs. Pacific Paradise Nursery, Inc. et al.

Operated wholesale nursery business operations including the liquidation of a large inventory of perishable plants maintained at five different locations.

First Bank vs. Point One Technologies, Inc. et al.

Liquidation of an electronics distributor in default on its asset based loan and collection of accounts receivable. Conducted a forensic accounting to determine the ultimate use of funds and if they could be recovered.

Universal Bank vs. Isaian

Seized control and operated car wash in Whittier. Highly adversarial defendants. Supported OSC re contempt. Significantly increased sales and operating profitability.

Universal Bank vs. Victorville Family Partnership

Seized control and reopened non-operating mini car wash in Victorville. Uncooperative defendants. Procured insurance, repaired equipment, and achieved stability.

First Bank vs. Concrete Masonry Exteriors, Inc.

Liquidation of a construction subcontractor.

City National Bank vs. ARC International Corp

Liquidation of a computer recycling company.

Commerce West Bank vs. Journey Electrical

Appointed receiver to operate an electrical contractor with 180 employees and contracts totaling $25 million.

Bank of Orange County vs. Artcraft Bedspreads

Interjected turnaround expertise, cut costs, revised pricing models. Brokered settlement (twice!), second time with takeout financing.

In re Regions Medical Center

Workers compensation provider. Accounts receivable recovery. Elements of fraud between partners. Highly adversarial. Defendants violated court orders, contempt. Retained by bankruptcy court under 11 U.S.C Section 543 (d).

Castro & Sharp vs. Matrix Industries, et al

Corporate dissolution of operating construction company. Concluded pending public works contracts. Significant legal issues re stop notices and liens. Reconciled differing versions of accounts receivable, collected same.

Rostami vs. Rostami

Inner-city medical clinic. Extremely profitable, created financial controls to prevent fraud and theft. Successful corporate dissolution with both sides left with profitable practices at conclusion of the receivership.

Burrett vs. Connick

Partnership dispute, business divorce, profitable skater jewelry and clothing company. Distributed assets to warring parties, both of whom started new corporations and succeeded post divorce.

Bank of Orange County vs. Wesbay Bottling

Water company bottling company. Seized business, brokered settlement, bank paid in full in six days. Use of receiver as collection tool.

Bader vs. Assor

Provisional Director for steel construction company. Partnership dispute. Provided much needed striped shirt and whistle.