In re Gianulias, Cameo Homes

Liquidating Chapter 11 Trustee responsible for collection and distribution of trust proceeds to claimants over a 15 year plan period.

In re Onebada BBQ, In re Colima BBQ, Inc. and In re RH BBQ, Inc.

Managed three restaurants for Chapter 11 Trustee. Brought operations into compliance with labor and employment tax laws. Ensured fiscal integrity and stabilized operations leading to sale of the restaurant by the Trustee. One of the restaurants sustained a fire and we administered the insurance claims resulting in a significant mitigation of the loss.

In re Bonin, Debtors

Chief Liquidating Officer responsible for liquidating real property assets, including a 12,500 square foot mansion in San Juan Capistrano, vacation properties in Big Bear, a 288 acre ranch in Hemet, a retail property and two industrial properties in Los Angeles.

In re GSP, Debtor

Chief Restructuring Officer for a precision machine shop serving the aerospace, electronics, and medical, and precision equipment industries.

In re Vanjani

Financial adviser to bankruptcy trustee.

In re: Bonin

Appointed Chief Liquidating Officer for a debtor in default of its Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization. Liquidated portfolio of six commercial real properties.

In re Murrietta, El Toro Bravo Restauarant

Retained by a Chapter 11 Trustee to manage operations and maintain financial control over a carry-out Mexican restaurant in Costa Mesa, California. Significant health and safety violations. Store was closed by health department 4 days after we were retained, and was re-opened five days later after partially correcting deficiencies. OSHA violations are in the process of being corrected and we are operating the restaurant profitably.

In re Wong, In re Zupeks, Inc.

Serve as President of a high end neighborhood grocery store in Costa Mesa. Significantly improved sales and earnings. Significantly increase sales and profits allowing the Trustee to pay all Chapter 11 plan of reorganization and Chapter 7 claimants in full vastly ahead of schedule.