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Other Types of Cases

In re Gianulias, Cameo Homes
Liquidating Chapter 11 Trustee for benefit of creditors committee overseeing execution of a fifteen year plan of reorganization for a $50,000,000 real estate portfolio.

CoBank, ACB vs. Humboldt Creamery, LLC
Receiver for non-operational 75,000 s.f. ice cream plant and equipment in Los Angeles, 111,000 s.f. powdered milk processing plant in Loleta, California and 6 acres of vacant land in Stockton, California. Hired listing brokers to market all properties for sale.  Negotiated and completed the sale of the Los Angeles plant and equipment.  Under contract to sell the Loleta plant and equipment.  Completed the sale of trucks and trailers.

Alvis, et al vs. La Conchita Ranch Company
Appointed receiver to sell land which is the subject of a wrongful death lawsuit and effectuate settlement agreement by selling land. Significant land use, development, farming, geological, civil engineering and political issues.

Estate of Drommerhausen
Highly contentious inter-family dispute between heirs.  75 single family home portfolio. Retained by trustee who displaced her brother as trustee.  Brother extremely adversarial, competed for rent collection.  Seized control, stabilized tenants, rehabilitated buildings, liquidated holdings to pay estate tax and manage portfolio for income to the estate.