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Assisted Living Facilities Cases

GE Healthcare vs. AFE-Foothill
Serving as receiver for assisted living facility located in Angels Camp, California.

Overland Financial vs. D. Daniel Scotti, et al
Receiver for troubled assisted living and memory care facility with 200 resident capacity and initial occupancy rate of 50%. Significant issues concerning staffing, operations, administration and marketing.  Submitted license application to Department of Social Services.  Supported due diligence for sale of the community.

NHP vs. Monarch Healthcare
Receiver for three large assisted living facilities located in Rancho Mirage, Vista, and Chula Vista.

John Hancock Life Insurance Company vs. Seasons at Encino Acquisitions, LLC
Receiver for an 84 unit assisted living facility.

GE Capital vs. Merrill 7, LLC           
Federal case from the U.S. District Court in Chicago involving seven assisted living facilities located in Washington, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Royal Bank of Scotland vs. Fortuna Assisted Living
Serving as receiver for a 104 unit assisted living facility and memory care facility.

Ventas vs. Merced Senior Living
Receiver for an 83 unit assisted living and memory care facility.

Telesis Credit Union vs. Modesto Capital Resources, et al
Receiver for dementia care assisted living facility in Modesto.  Maintained status quo and controlled cash flow pending sale of facility.

General Electric Healthcare Finance vs. Newhall Capital Resources
Receiver for three assisted living facilities located in Beverly Hills and Newhall, California.

General Electric Healthcare Finance vs. La Mesa Capital Resources
Receiver for two assisted living facilities. 

GKHB vs. West Anaheim Village
Receiver for a 106 bed assisted living facility which was the subject of an unlawful detainer action.  Intensely unstable upon appointment, payroll checks bouncing, employees abandoning, inadequate security, unsuitable residents, conflicting ownership stealing rents, extensive physical and regulatory issues, missing trust funds. Use of Receiver Certificates.

GE Capital vs. Villagecare
Assisted living facility and independent senior living apartment complex. Corrected deficiencies and lender concluded foreclosure and sale simultaneously, thereby avoiding ownership.  Submitted RCFE license application to regulators in 16 days. Reconstructed salient books and records in absence of turnover. Effectively neutralized adversarial Defendants.

GMACCM vs. Campus Laguna
Receiver and licensee of Alzheimer’s facility.  Prevented diversion of revenue from estate.  Extensive operational, financial, regulatory, marketing and personnel issues.  Successfully avoided closing, stabilized operations.  Human element.  Ombudsman states facility is now best Alzheimer’s facility in Orange County.