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Thomas Seaman, CFA
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About the Company

Thomas A. Seaman is Principal and sole shareholder of Thomas Seaman Company, a California corporation. Thomas Seaman Company provides business management services in civil matters which require a neutral third party to serve as receiver, referee, provisional director, or administrator. Thomas Seaman Company has the capability to manage and administer a broad range of asset classes including operating companies, financial assets, real property and construction projects. Thomas A. Seaman has more than 40 years business experience both in private industry and as a court-appointed fiduciary. Mr. Seaman is a former CFO and Controller, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Mr. Seaman entered the insolvency arena in 1989 and has served in approximately 400 matters, including over 230 matters in which he has served as receiver since 1995. He has operated distressed businesses that were the subject of a State Court Receivership, Federal Equity Receivership, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy estate, action, partnership dispute, partition action, dissolution proceeding, probate matter, or in other litigation requiring a fiduciary. Thomas Seaman Company has operated companies in numerous industries including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, assisted living, service, retail, hospitality and others. Mr. Seaman is experienced at seizing assets, stabilizing operations, and formulating and implementing business solutions.

Receivership Staff Directory

Tom Thomas Seaman
949-265-8403 • EmailCurriculum Vitae
Alison Alison Juroe
Project Manager
949-265-8404 • EmailCurriculum Vitae
Tim Tim McDonnell
Project Manager
949-265-8405 • EmailCurriculum Vitae
Darren Darren Clevenger
Project Manager
949-265-8413 • Email
Matthew Flahive Matthew Flahive
949-265-8408 • Email